Monday 29 August 2011

Automatically Turn Visitors into Customers Using Effective Website Design

The major aim of any website design is to take a visitor and turn them into a customer. The effective use of colors, layout and images will create a visual masterpiece designed to automatically attract and convert new customers. In fact a professionally produced website should not only generate more customers but make the process of closing those customers simple and easy.

The problem is that many website owners forget they don't have the convenience of face-to-face communication with their customers. A physical shop that looks bad can be combated with a great sales and customer service team. Unfortunately with Website Design, if your website is not visually appealing then you will not attract customers.

Avoid the Single Biggest Website Design Mistake 

The single biggest mistake a business owner makes when going online is to allow a website design to go live without thoroughly assessing its potential for sales. A Affordable website design company has a very stringent system that extracts from you the exact information we need to ensure the design meets your market. For example did you know that each color elicits different emotions from your visitor? IF you want to create trust you must use blue, to stop scrolling you need to use yellow.

A low cost web design company understands the emotional relationship between colors and buyers and effectively combines them to create a high converting website design for you. Don't make the mistake that many businesses owner have before and ensure you invest time and money into a website design that converts.
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Good Web Design Companies uses the Effective Approach for Generating More Sales: 

Here is out 3 Steps Approach: 

Step 1: Define Your Market 

Web design company complete an initial consultation with you, their website design client and in this consultation design team identifies the market for your products and services. Web design team defines their habits, characteristics and personality so we can cater a website that appeals directly to them.

Step 2: Initial Website Design 

Web design company produce an initial website design for your review and feedback, design team strongly suggest you show this design to potential customers, employees and key stakeholders so you can gauge the effect it has. Web design company comments are then compiled into a feedback document that their designers use to complete the final step.

Step 3: Final Website Design 

Using the feedback gained in step 2, professional web design company modifies the design to be even more appealing to your market. Once this is complete it then, goes to their development team to implement on your website.
These 3 step approaches of any website design company ensure that your website design is conversion friendly and also visually appealing.

Monday 22 August 2011

Don't Sacrifice Usability for Beauty in your Website Design

The widely accepted rule of 'form follows function' has a minor adjustment when it comes to web design where 'function' is the usability of a website design - that is, the ease of use and comfortable navigation applied to a site in order to achieve the user's goals. Don't forget who the user is: your audience, the visitors to the site, not you.

The problem with so many website designs these days is the fact that they ignore ease-of-use for looks. Sure, it's a tough balance, but it's still not impossible and it's definitely a goal to strive toward. What doesn't work are these web design problems:

  • Loading issues - which prompt this response from your site visitors: "Is this site ever going to load, why am I waiting for this?"
  • Visual clutter - which prompts this response from your site visitors: "Where do I look, what am I supposed to click, how do I get out of here?"
  • Navigation issues - which prompt this response from your site visitors: "What am I looking at, where do I click, what are all these floating images?"

    Navigation issues are common with highly artistic and beautiful website designs, and that's fine if you are trying to play a game with your users, but if they can never guess what to click to access other objects on your site - the content, information, contact info, etc. - they'll tire quickly and wander away.

    It's crucial that design teams of web design company understand bounce rates are rising as rapidly as time-on-sites decrease around the globe. The human brain is amazingly adaptable and as our bandwidth gets faster, our attention spans get shorter. It's increasingly important to grab people's attention - immediately if you are to keep them even a few seconds. Skip intro buttons are a must with websites using fancy flash introductions because the worst thing you can do is 'force' an introduction on your audience. Any long intro missing a skip button is likely to be abandoned before users even get into the site.

    Forcing your users to look at blurred photographs as a 'hint' of what's to come is beyond annoying. A better idea is to use loading bars on the image to indicate it's loading. If they're on a broadband connection, they may wait a bit, but if not they'll just leave the site and find something that's faster.

    With the rise in tools and the ability for everyone to create highly attractive images, it's hard to resist the temptation to show the world everything you've got. Resist. When your site is cluttered with all kinds of visuals - no matter how beautiful - your visitor gets lost. When your site's navigation is hidden in the chaotic visual clutter on the page - making it hard for users to know what to click - that's a problem. Forcing your user to guess through erratic, incomplete, or confusing navigation when they do find it is even worse.

    Many highly artistic designers in best web design company are very successful at creating beautiful web designs and website development that lack function. It's a tricky balance, but one that can and must be done if you are to reduce the bounce rate and increase the time visitors spend with your website.

    Monday 15 August 2011

    Keys to Quality Website Design

    When it's time for a new web design, you'll want a design team that really knows their stuff. After all, most consumers these days turn to the Internet first for information, initial research, and product reviews. You'll want a web design team that is cognizant of the current best practices, has a great portfolio, and can tell you directly what's wrong with your current design and what they intend to do differently to start attracting customers and driving new traffic to your site.

    • Ease of navigation. This is a crucial aspect of any website designs.Do you use radial charts or other organizational methods to layout the navigation and understand the user's path through the website? Ask your potential vendors how they intend to go about designing the navigational aspects of your website design.
    • Consistency of design. Having a consistent design throughout all the pages makes sure the user knows where they are in the site and where they can go to find what they need at all times. This means that the 'feel' of the site must remain consistent throughout the web design. This creates a sense of comfort for the user and ensures they stay on your site longer. A consistent design means the overall mission and message of the site is carried through consistently.
    • Visual appeal. This is where you get to look at the new team's portfolio of site to see if the work they've done before is visually appealing. Ask them why they used the colors they chose. Does the design carry through to subpages or is it entirely focused on the home page and lost thereafter? Can the user dig deeper into the website design and still know where they are in the Internet?
    • Speedy download times. In an era of high-speed access, this might not seem like an important factor, but not every user is accessing your website via the highest speeds. Some are working with clunky access, older browsers, and working in remote areas with spotty access. In addition, whose site do you want users to access when bandwidth is compromised? Hint: it's yours, not the competitions.
    • Compliant code. This is necessary because you simply do not want to have a high maintenance, unreliable problem on your hands later - long after your web design team has moved on to other projects. Ensuring that your website design team is using W3C standards can be tough, but if you ask them to show you examples of it upfront, they are far more likely to pay attention to that detail throughout the project.
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      Industry analysts who watch trends in website design are clear that the above factors are still vital to high-quality and highly likeable web designs. It's important when you are interviewing a web design team that you communicate the fact that these factors are highly important to you and to your company's ability to grow revenues and earn profits.
      Web design teams of with good success records will understand what you are looking for, and they'll present portfolio options that help you determine whether they are the right websites design and website development team for your needs. Remember, there are many companies out there providing the same thing, but you aren't interested in the same old thing, you want the right thing - what will make your business grow.

      Monday 8 August 2011

      Web Design Principles That Convert Visitors into Customers

      Traditionally after conducting a Custom website design review we are able to identify a long list web design principles that are missing from the site. Designing a website is completely different to designing a business card, there are key areas and factors that each website must contain in order to convert visitors into customers.

      Ultimately the only reason business owners build a website is to attract more customers and hopefully automate some lead generation but unfortunately in most cases this does not happen. While this is a "normal" problem it is one that can be instantly fixed using some basic website design principles.
      To discover whether your website is "conversion friendly" you can simply review your website design for the following:
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      The 8 Second Rule
      Generally you have 8 seconds to convince a new visitor to stay on a page before they bounce off to the next site. This means that the content and web design needs to be most convincing in the top half of your site. One technique that has been proven to work well in web design is to include 3 Major Reasons why someone should stay on your site at the very top of your site. This can be represented by words or graphics and is generally incorporated into the header website design.

      Proof, Proof and More Proof 

      Potential customers want to know that you are good at what you do and you have a growing list of satisfied clients. If you are able to provide proof of satisfied clients in the form of testimonials, feedback ratings or examples of your work you are more likely to get results. A good web design will incorporate these proof elements into the design in a graphical way.
      Strong Message 

      Make sure that each page on your site is pushing across a strong message about your business or product. Many designs and websites try to convey too many messages and end up not getting any message across clearly. Choose a single message per page and convey that in the strongest way possible.
      It is important to understand that while a web design may appear to you to be visually appealing this can be different for your potential customers. Remember that you are building a website to attract customers not to make you happy!