Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Effective Use of Colors in Website Design

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One of the most important aspects of website design is the use of color within the design. Obviously you want your design to be visually appealing but you must understand that different colors elicit different emotions. If you are to choose the wrong colors then your website design could actually result in lower customer sales.

Have you ever noticed that many banks on a national and international level incorporate a strong royal blue into their branding? Sometimes it's in their logo, sometimes it's the text color and other times it's within images. The reason they use a strong deep blue is because blue is a color of trust. When someone looks at blue they immediately have the feeling of trust and as a bank trust is really important.

If you wanted to create a strong trust with your customer then you would use blue, one of the major reason that links are blue is to create trust. A blue link states to the visitor you can trust visiting this link. Now many people don't think in detail about colors when completing a website design but this could be a major element driving conversions.

Yellow is one of the hardest colors for a person's eye to watch and often as a color it will repel someone from looking at it. It has been proven that sites with extensive use of yellow have lower conversion rates. Also sites with a bright yellow also have a shorter visitor time then sites without it.

With that said though, yellow can be a great "attention" color as it will stop the visitor and force them to look through whatever you are trying to bring their attention to. As you can see the use of color can become complicated as each color has its potential use.

Now when constructing your web design, we are not suggesting to use just blue and not yellow, as color is subjective to a niche. For example, a website design with a strong pink is good for selling intimate female related products. While the same website design used to sell male muscle growth formula would actually lower sales.

This all sounds complicated, and a talented website design company will be able to complete a website design without you having to worry about these color issues. As a business owner your sole focus should be on ensuring your business is generating sales and leave the complicated nature of website design to professionals.

A professional web design company will invest a lot of time, effort and money into educating your team of professional designers on the most effective website design principles. One of the biggest areas of time investment is around the testing of colors on websites.


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